“The average dog has one request to all human kind. Love me.”

       – Helen Exley


          What is more refreshing than a day at the spa? Only a spa day that comes with tons of love and hugs as well as pampering! VIPuppy Spa is a truly full service grooming salon offering all the basics that you expect and thing you may not have thought possible. Our basic service includes: hydro-massaging bath, conditioning treatment, nail trimming, fluff drying and a brush out.

          New customers are welcome to walk-in for a free style consultation and price quote. Services that are also included in the basic price and performed upon request only are tooth brushing and nail grinding. Breed standard or custom trims, no problem. Our groomers are more than ready. Matted dog? Our groomers will discuss with you options for humanely and safely de-matting your pet. There are times that shaving will be the best option, but generally not the only option.

Give our groomers at VIPuppy Spa a call today for an appointment!




          Let’s not leave out our favorite feline companions! Steph is our head groomer. With over 40 years of experience, she is our go to person for any questions about cat or dog care as well as grooming. Recognizing that not only are cats very different from dogs, but that cat breeds vary as much as dog breeds, we tailor your cats very specific needs.

          Just because cats “groom” themselves doesn’t mean that they do not benefit from regular grooming and pampering. Be it shed less treatment, lion clips, or nail clipping we are here for you. Don’t forget kitty on your next vacation! Ask us about cat boarding!