Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my pet be able to interact with other dogs while he’s there?

Absolutely yes, we separate dogs by age, size, and social behavior. Our outside area has a pool that will open on May 1st.

What are your drop off/pick up hours?

Monday-Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday-Sunday 8am-6pm

Where are the dogs kept during the day?

Weather permitting, our dogs are outside most of the day. When they do come in to eat & nap, they’re kept in a spacious 4×10 with their own cuddly blanket!

Which shots are required and why?

Rabies, which is a shot that prevents acute inflammation of the brain.
Distemper, a shot that prevents a measles like disease in your dog. Bordatella (within 6 months), this vaccination prevents kennel cough for your dog. Kennel cough is a type of cold that is very contagious and must be given every 6 months if your dog frequently boards and attends daycare.

If my dog is getting groomed, does he have to go outside and play with the other dogs while he’s waiting his turn?

We think one of the great things about our business is that we have an outside playground area for our dogs. If your dog is grooming he doesn’t play with a group of dogs but will be able to go outside for some fresh air alone. This means he/she doesn’t have to wait in a cage for their grooming.

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Orientation Day


In order ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, all dogs are required to come for an orientation day.


Orientation is a 3 hour evaluation, free of charge. In those 3 hours our staff will enter your pets information into our system, allow him/her to become familiar with the environment, then we will introduce him/her to the pack and observe if playing in a group pack enviroment is something your dog enjoys.


If you are planning an overnight stay, orientation day also gives us a chance to work with you to identify any issues or special care needs your dog may have before you leave town so that you can relax and enjoy your trip. Your dog will spend the day as our special guest making lots of friends, checking out the facility and getting to know our staff.


Orientations are held all week and our staff will be eager to personally meet and evaluate your dog when you arrive.


It’s a good idea to read our orientation day FAQ’s below before you schedule your dog’s first visit.


Orientation Day Checklist:


1.) ___ Schedule an appointment for Orientation Day by phone.

2.) ___ Call your vet to have them fax us a copy of your dog’s vaccination records at least 24 hours ahead of time, if possible. You may also bring your dog’s vaccination record with you to your appointment, but we strongly recommend having it faxed or emailed to us ahead of time to avoid any problems, delays, or missing information.

*Our fax number is (908) 522-1633*

3.) ___ Arrive between 7am-1pm or 2pm-7pm (weekdays) 8am-1pm or 2pm-6pm (weekends)

4.) ___ Please bring your dog in on a leash

5.) ___ Plan on leaving your dog to play with us for 3 hours.





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